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Ford Galaxy retains its fastest selling title

In something of a rare achievement, the Ford Galaxy has managed to retain its title as the UK's fastest selling used car for the third month running.

The most popular choice is the 2012 version of the seven-seat people carrier which features a diesel engine and an automatic gearbox and it will take just 19 days from being placed on the forecourt to finding a customer.

November is generally quiet time for second-hand car dealers and the Galaxy did well in October with an average time of 11 days to sell, while in September the Galaxy took 12 days to find a buyer.

The Ford Galaxy has proved popular with buyers

The figures come from Auto Trader who say that this is the first time a model has managed to rack up the title for three consecutive months but the Ford Galaxy has proved popular with buyers across the country to dominate the sales league table.

However, buyers in the South West snapped up the Ford Fiesta to make it their number one fastest selling car in the region though it is also a popular choice around the country and underlines the Fiesta's position as the number one bestselling new car – a title it's held since 2008.

The industry’s representative body, the SMMT, says that more than 2.1 million used cars were sold in the third quarter of this year compared with last year – a rise of nearly 8%.

The Ford Fiesta is the top selling car

Ford Fiesta Car Trust 1When it comes to sales numbers, the Ford Fiesta is the top selling used car with nearly 91,000 models changing hands, followed by the Ford Focus with 63,000 sales.

One reason Fords are selling well is that they are priced to attract buyers, says Auto Trader.

The top 10 fastest selling cars in the UK are: Ford Galaxy with an average price of £6,081; followed closely by the Kia Sportage, the 2014 manual petrol model, priced at £13,541 and in third place is the Fiat 500L, the 2014 diesel automatic hatchback model priced at £8,786.

Making up the top five is the Nissan Micra, the 2015 automatic petrol hatchback model which took 21 days to sell when priced at £8,039 and the Peugeot 3008, the 2010 automatic diesel hatchback priced at £5,938 took 22 days to sell.

The top 10 also sees the 2015 Mini Hatch Cooper, the 2014 Nissan Qashqai, the 2015 Vauxhall Astra estate, the Citroen C1 2015 hatchback and finally the Peugeot 308 2015 automatic diesel hatchback model which takes 23 days to sell.