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Ford's hot hatches ‘aren't just for boy racers’

The image of hot hatches being the domain of boy racers may be numbered with Ford announcing that these sporty small cars are now appealing to a broader range of buyers.

The Blue Oval says that the small cars with powerful engines offer a better ride and comfort than many larger vehicles which is helping to boost their popularity.

In addition, the boy racer stereotyping is being turned on its head with sales to women buying Ford hot hatches rising by 8% between 2010 and 2015.

The popularity of hot hatches has grown

Indeed, the popularity of hot hatches has grown so much that the average customer age for those buying the cars has risen from their late 30s to their early 40s.

Buyers are also enjoying better specification and improved practicality to help boost sales.

The firm employs a 'futurist' - that is somebody who can detect future buying trends - and they point to the hot hatches made by Ford fitting a multifunction purpose which help support owners through their different life stages and lifestyles.

Firm has managed to shift 22,000 models

ford-hot-hatch-cars-appeal-car-trust-1It should come as no surprise that the firm has managed to shift 22,000 models of its Focus RS and ST as well as the Fiesta ST in the first nine months of this year.

Indeed, the excellent Focus RS has sold more than 9,000 models since its launch.

But the buyers who are opting for practical performance models are also choosing to buy better equipped versions as well as opting for powerful engines and excellent driving experiences.

The average age of those buying a hot hatch

Pointing to its findings, the sales data from Ford says the average age of those buying a hot hatch today is 42 which is a rise from the average age of 38 in 2010.

Ford is also seeing a trend for its dedicated customer base to continue buying practical hot hatches as they grow older and their lifestyles change; it no longer precludes someone buying a hot hatch once they start a family.

However, one big change that probably alarms the hot hatch purists is that the changing trend is seeing a move from a three door body - which for many is the only description of a hot hatch that is worthy - to five door body styles.