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Future neighbourhoods will feature car charge points

Within the next 20 years, car charging points will become a desirable feature in new homes, according to research.

The UK already has more than 60,000 rechargeable electric cars and a study by the Go Ultra Low, the electric car campaigners, suggest that these will become a sought-after feature for people buying a house within the next two decades.

In addition, the research points to a demand from the public for ‘positivity’ lampposts which will give a colourful light during the winter months to help combat seasonal affective disorder.

The public will also want, apparently, fingerprint activated front door locks in their home.

Installing a car charge point at home

electric-cars-in-the-uk-cartrust-1Currently, motorists in the UK can enjoy a government grant worth £500 towards installing a car charge point at home with data showing that around 90% of all electric car charging is being done at home.

The survey also reveals that many people believe electric cars will become an essential part of new housing developments across the UK with 72% of respondents saying they believe that electric vehicles will be the most common type of vehicle on driveways of people in these developments.

However, 26% of people questioned said they believed that hydrogen will become a more familiar fixture on our roads and driveways in the future.

Willing to share an electric vehicle with neighbours

Indeed, those taking part in the survey also said that there will be technology available for them to share a car with neighbours more easily over the coming 20 years and 48% of respondents said they would be willing to share an electric vehicle with neighbours.

This will, say one-in-10 of those who believe this will happen, lead to better and stronger relationships with their neighbours.

When future neighbourhoods are being designed, the 10 most desirable features highlighted in the survey are: positivity smart lampposts, every house to have electric charging points, fingerprint locks on front doors, water recycling capability and rainwater harvesting technology.

The top 10 is made up of solar powered outdoor charging stations, electric car sharing scheme, trees able to carry a Wi-Fi signal, fox proof bins and robotic gardeners.

Electric car schemes and car charge points are being implemented

electric-vehicle-recharging-investment-car-trust-1Architect Maxwell Hutchison says green technology such as electric car schemes and car charge points are already being implemented on cutting-edge housing developments.

He pointed to the UK's first eco-town that is being developed in Oxfordshire and there are more planned in the near future which will have electric car charge points fitted to every home and there will be electric car sharing schemes available.

A spokeswoman for Go Ultra Low said: “Electric cars will become an essential part of our lives and research points to strong demand for electric vehicle sharing schemes and charge points.”