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Hyundai Genesis

When it comes to the Hyundai Genesis, it's a good job that the carmaker is not expecting to sell lots of its range-topping executive saloon since buyers would need to use their hearts rather than their heads before parting with any cash.

However, that's doing a huge disservice to the Genesis since the car is a great creation and it is packed with equipment but its rivals in the segment offer more options, particularly for engines. In addition, the price tag is hard to ignore but Hyundai have created something that is actually quite impressive with lots of space though the handling is a disappointment.

Under the bonnet is a 3.8litre V6 petrol unit, there is no diesel option despite the size of the car, which is best described as thirsty. Owners can achieve 24 mpg with emissions of 261g/km which means the running costs and annual road tax bill will be see the owner’s wallet being bashed on a regular basis.

For the money, there is a lot of equipment despite the fact there is just one trim level and the kit list includes parking cameras, satnav, a panoramic sunroof and soft-close doors to prevent them from being slammed. There's also, as one would expect, a lot of safety kit too including adaptive cruise control and lane keeping assist.

There's also a lots of space in the cabin which is a refined and relaxed place to be and long journeys are done in comfort and luxury. The Hyundai Genesis comes with the firm's usual five-year unlimited mileage warranty which will bring peace of mind but it will surely bring little consolation for the amount of depreciation the car will suffer because of its running costs and lack of demand as a used car.

Essentially, the Hyundai Genesis does so many things very well and it's a shame that the rest of the Hyundai range strives to offer value for money and an excellent driving experience that this doesn't extend to the range topper. The Genesis is set to be something of a rarity on the UK's roads though it does not help that it cannot be bought from a franchised dealer directly.
Hyundai Genesis
Performance 10%
Reliability 70%
Equipment 80%
Safety 80%
Quality 70%
Overall Score 62%
The Hyundai Genesis is an impressive executive saloon designed to showcase the skills of the carmaker. Packed with equipment, lots of space and great build quality, the Genesis is hard to fault except the running costs are (much, much) higher than its rivals.