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VW Touran

People carriers are declining in popularity as families switch to crossovers which is a shame since the VW Touran is one of the best MPVs around. The new model has lots of space on board and versatility as well. There's a good choice of engines and some very good practical ideas. It has seven seats, though the rear seats are only really suitable for children, and is cheap to run. In addition, it is very well made and handles extremely well - which may be down to the fact it shares the same underpinnings as the VW Golf. The range topper is the excellent VW Touran R-Line which comes with a lot more equipment. The standard kit list includes a 6.5-inch colour touchscreen, Bluetooth connectivity, air con and DAB radio. Other models come with alloy wheels, adaptive cruise control and satnav. Essentially, the VW Touran ticks all of the relevant boxes for families and those who like a comfortable and spacious car.
VW Touran
Performance 80%
Reliability 90%
Equipment 90%
Safety 90%
Quality 90%
Overall Score 88%
Available with seven or five seats (which means it has a big boot in this guise) the VW Touran is a capable people carrier. With a good range of engines and trim levels to choose from, the Touran is an excellent people carrier. It may not offer the most thrilling of rides but as an MPV the Touran is among the best available with high comfort levels, refinement and strong build quality. Many buyers may also be tempted with the 'Park Assist' option which enables it to parallel park itself.