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VW up!

Designed to be a fun to drive city car, the VW up! delivers this and more. With its stylish design and very low running costs, the up! is an excellent choice for people to drive around town though it's no slouch when out on the motorway either. There's also the battery-powered e-up! available though the petrol version delivers economy of around 60 mpg. The car has a solid feel and the interior is well made and designed - there's also more space on board than its exterior dimensions would indicate. Because of its size, it's an agile car and easy to park. The equipment list is fairly sparse on the entry-level models but the better spec versions come with air con, alloy wheels, heated front seats and a removable touchscreen infotainment system. Essentially, the VW up! Is among the very best of the current crop of city cars and will deliver fun in abundance.
VW up!
Performance 85%
Reliability 85%
Equipment 80%
Safety 90%
Quality 85%
Overall Score 85%
The VW up! is a cracking city car with three doors but enough space on board for four adults. It's an all-round excellent product from Volkswagen with an efficient 1.0litre petrol engine offering impressive economy. There's also the impressive e-up! all-electric version available too. The petrol-powered VW up! might be identical mechanically with the Seat Mii and the Skoda Citigo but the up! offers a better ride and more refinement.