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VW Golf SV

The Volkswagen Golf SV is a practical creation based on the popular Golf hatchback and has more space for passengers and the offer of a more relaxing drive with a raised driving position.

While it's not quite the load logger as the excellent Golf Estate, it is a versatile and practical choice, particularly for those with young families. It's also a cheap car to run. Indeed, the SV in the VW Golf SV moniker stands for Sportsvan which is what it is called in other countries but to many fans it is still the very good VW Golf Plus - except the new version is slightly wider and longer.

In addition, it has all of the styling and solid build qualities from the Golf with an excellent interior with a touchscreen infotainment system. The materials feel robust and the look and feel is premium. With more space on board means there's more legroom and headroom than the standard Golf while the rear seat can slide forwards and backwards when necessary.

As with the rest of the range, the Golf SV has a wide choice of engines available with power outputs ranging from 84 bhp to 148bhp and a choice of a very good automatic gearbox or a smooth manual. Volkswagen has also added the choice of two fuel-efficient BlueMotion engines to the mix and the choice would probably be the 2.0 litre TDI unit producing 108 bhp and which should return 81mpg. For those who mainly drive around town, there's a very good 1.0 litre TSI petrol unit producing 113 bhp which is also available as a BlueMotion and it delivers similar economy figures. For those who like a bit more performance, the Volkswagen Golf SV GT offers more speed and equipment including satnav, larger alloy wheels and parking sensors.

There's plenty of standard equipment though the entry-level S model is rather sparse so the SE is probably the best choice with alloy wheels, cruise control and automatic lights and windscreen wipers. There's lots of safety kit including autonomous emergency braking and a system to match the speed of the vehicle in front as well as lots of airbags.

The Volkswagen Golf SV handles extremely well and it is a good car to drive on long journeys but it's particularly good around town with decent handling and stability so the occupants never feel less than cosseted. The interior is also a quiet place to be and it's a practical car for those who need the Golf’s well-earned reputation for handling and performance but with more practicality.
VW Golf SV
Performance 80%
Reliability 80%
Equipment 80%
Safety 80%
Quality 80%
Overall Score 80%
Love the VW Golf but want a higher driving position and more space? Then the Golf SV is for you. With its solid build quality, lots of space and stylish good looks makes this a sound proposition.